How to Effectively Generate Links with Influencers

There has been a lot of discussion about finding influencers for sharing content in order to generate valuable links for SEO advantage. But, many people think why influencers would even care about sharing anyone’s content. The matter of fact is influencers often look for interesting content which could give readers something good to look at. But, it doesn’t mean that they would share any kind of content without considering quality and synchronization between the type of content and the niche it is going to be published in.

Having that said, there are a few things that you can ensure in order to generate valuable links with the help of influencers.

The unique content

Unique content is always appreciated by everyone. Here, many people consider it a practice of creating unique content by rewriting or rephrasing something. But the matter of fact is that an influencer would only get more frustrated by reading something which he/she would read in the past over and over again.

The first thing you need to do in order to create unique content is do a little research. Research helps you find something which can be quite valuable to be put in the content to make it highly interesting. You can watch rising trends in order to find something which could make your content unique.

Another important thing to take into consideration is to look for the niche. If the influencer you are providing the content with doesn’t have an influence in the niche you have written content for, you are not going to get success.

Offer Free products

Offering free products doesn’t mean that you should start distributing your content for free. In fact, you will have to find a way to make the process as cost effective as possible. The best way is to offer sample products for the influencer’s audience. You can give your influencer the authority to give free samples to the people who could turn into the customers. Your influencer would surely have the knowledge about potential customers in this regard.

Aside from providing samples, you can also introduce quizzes and competitions to give audience a chance to win the products. Now this kind of marketing is an approach which doesn’t sound like a ‘marketing’ of product but it actually leaves great influence on the people because there is an interesting activity related to the product. Make the quiz public so that anyone could solve it and then you can give prize to the ones winning the lucky draw.


While finding influencers in order to get your content promoted in front of a specific audience is a well-known technique, you can make it your strongest marketing resource by initiating a conversation with the influencer to build a relationship. You can go on the personal level to make it happen if influencer allows you to do so. You can also do some gift-giving in order to start this relationship.


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